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easy, simple

Working with Nathan from Honest Mortgage Co. was the easiest process with mortgages in over 12+ transactions I have done. He was readily available and explained things in simple terms as he did extra work to walk me through comparison quotes and how he was saving me money. I would highly recommend working with him for your mortgage needs.

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Happy Home Owners

Nathan and the team at Honest Mortgage were Quick, Responsive, and Well Informed to the latest Industry news.  Nathan was very helpful with any and all questions my wife and I had. He helped us to clear to close within 5 days! In addition, he was able to get very competitive rates and helped my wife and I save significant money during the process. I would definitely recommend using Honest Mortgage and Nathan Kunst for your mortgage needs. "Happy Home Owners”

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Honesty with honest mortgage!

Just completed a home mortgage loan process with honest mortgage.  I was impressed with the ease of the process and how they worked with us to complete all necessary paperwork and find a loan with good terms.  Everything was done online, through email and text which made it very easy given how busy life can be.  Straight forward, honest and hard working team!

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Honesty & Integrity

From the first phone call to signing the loan documents Nathan was fantastic! Nathan communicated every step quickly and thoroughly making it easy to close the loan. He was extremely helpful in finding the best loan product to fit our needs and helped us save some cash in the process. Nathans honesty and integrity are unquestionable you will be happy to have Nathan on your team.

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"What a great company to work with quickly answered any questions we had. First time home buyers we had alot of questions! Would recommend to any family member or friend! Smooth and fast. Was by our side through every step. Thank you Nathan."

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No headline for a review could do this man justice, just read the whole thing.

"I'm used to writing reviews for business interactions lasting several minutes or, at the most, a few hours. It's no secret that shorter interactions certainly don't guarantee a better experience, but I do believe it's significantly easier to check all the boxes of good customer service when you only have to keep them checked for a few minutes at a time.

This is relevant specifically because it makes all the difference when you consider how impressive it would be to meet and occasionally exceed that five-star standard over the period of two or three months. Saying that my mortgage agent, Nathan, "met and/or exceeded" expectations would frankly be an understatement, as I've never met anyone who made me feel like less of a burden and more of a person when asking them for help. Nathan made it clear from the start he was in this business to do a good job and, maybe more importantly, make sure his clients were as comfortable as possible during the absolutely horrifying process of buying a home. 

It's very likely buying a house isn't as anxiety-inducing for everyone else as it is for me, but maybe that speaks even more towards Nathan's ability to keep me firmly planted in reality. I must have asked him the same few questions close to a dozen times over the course of working with him and he was no less willing to help on the 11th or 12th instance as he was on the first. "There are no stupid questions here, you can never be too careful with this stuff", he'd remind me; letting me know I wasn't completely out of my mind for double, triple, quadruple checking information I wasn't even sure I needed in the first place. This sort of reliability and confidence is not common in any field, and certainly not fields where money is such a huge factor, whcih makes him stand out that much more.

You can very easily oversell a restaurant or a movie or book to someone. You can oversell the job your landscapers did after you bought your house, and you can oversell just about anything if you really try. What I'm not afraid of overselling at all is the level of satisfaction I've had with Nathan through Honest Mortgage. Maybe an overly-paranoid first time home buyer isn't the go to source on all things mortgage related; but what I do know better than houses or mortgages is the difference between someone just doing their job, and someone doing their job because they want it to be done well. Nathan not only falls into the latter, he is an outstanding example of what others in the industry should strive to be.

Thank you Honest Mortgage, and thank you Nathan. Best of luck!"

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The honest mortgage company you're looking for 

"I truly could not have asked for a better mortgage broker than Nathan. I dreamed of owning my own home for years but was overwhelmed and intimidated by the entire lending process. Lack of understanding and not trusting that I would get a fair deal were major road blocks. Nathan's professional knowledge, clear communication, and complete honesty throughout the entire process broke down my barriers and relieved my worries. Nathan is client centered; his work is thorough, fast and he's always available with a quick reply by phone call, text or email. I was clear to close in only 7 days and saved significant money in closing costs; $0 for appraisal, underwriting fee, processing fee or application fee. I confidently recommend honest Mortgage Co. and will be using Nathan for any future home financing needs of my own!"

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Nate was wonderful!

"As a broker and a client of Nathan's I have been amazed at how quick and simple he makes it. Not to mention creative ways to finance the loan. He is great!"

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Creative situational solution

"Nathan took the time to understand our particular financing needs and recommended a solution that other lenders did not.  He won our business and made everything simple all the way through closing."

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"Ok so this guy Nathan handled our home loan. We initially put a bid in on a house that already had a good offer on the table.  We were not even preapproved. We literally had 2 hours to get preapproved and submit our offer. Well let me tell you Nathan was right there on the phone walking me thru the process! Totally blew my mind!! Oh ya and it was a SUNNY SATURDAY AFTERNOON!!! I mean who does that! 

We did not get that house but a month later we did find another. Nathan was available 100% of the time answering questions and moving things along. We were cleared to close a week early. Pretty Awesome! Best seamless no hassle service ever.  Oh and we got a $1400 credit at close. Awesome stuff right!! THANK YOU NATHAN!! Oh and my realtor who sent me to Nathan was just as responsive. Halle Adams ColderllBanker preferred in Plymouth mi. Awesome."

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"Nathan was great the entire way.  From beginning (getting us approved, referrals for Realitors) to end (help finding all of our closing docs, lining up all of the meetings), Nate made things easy for my wife and I.  Thank you Nate!"

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Nate is the Man!

"Nate went above and beyond to help my wife and me (1st time home owners) figure out the best mortgage options for our current lifestyle, and what that might look like for us moving forward. He really does give great Honest advice, and is a trustworthy consultant. Thank you Nathan!"

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Quick, easy & painless!

"As first time home buyers, we weren’t sure what to expect but had heard stories from friends about the process between pending and sold being long, tedious and time consuming. So when our realtor set our closing date at less than 30 days out, I didn’t know what to expect. Nathan was on top of it! He was communicative-explaining everything, answering all of our questions, thorough- going over all of our options and helping us understand which options were best for and why, he was prompt- between texts, calls and the awesome program he uses with due dates, we were able to stay on pace and close on time, and finally, Nathan was genuine- he really wanted to help us buy our first house and save money in the process (he saved us hundreds of dollars with different programs that only took minutes of our time)! Nathan made the closing process easy. Now we are faced with the hard part, moving!!"

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Hard working, thorough, client-oriented

"Nathan provided exceptional service. We are first time homebuyers and he walked us through everything we needed to know about getting a mortgage. From pre-approval to closing, Nathan made himself available to answer any and all questions and concerns we had—and we had a lot! Additionally, I’m self-employed, which can add complexity to an already complex process. Nathan worked really hard to make the process manageable and successful for us, and to get us the best deal possible on our mortgage. We are so grateful for the work he did on our behalf and recommend him highly!"

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"Friendly and always responded quickly to any questions.  Very helpful !"

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"As a first-time home buyer, I had a lot of questions and anxieties- Nathan really came through, providing professional insight, prompt responses, and being genuinely courteous- not to mention getting the loan I needed!"

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Hard Working! Highly Recommend!

"If you are planning on purchasing a home, you will need a mortgage and in today's market, a pre-approval letter from a mortgage company. I would like to highly recommend Nathan Kunst at Honest Mortgage. We received a pre-approval letter within two days and closed on our home purchase within four weeks. Nathan worked hard to find us the best interest rate and a lender willing to not require a contingency on selling our current home first. He definitely receives a 5-star rating in our book. Contact nathan@honestmortgage.com and enjoy your new home."

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Highly recommend Nathan and his team!!!

"My partners and I have used Nathan's help on multiple investment properties both new purchases and REFI's and will continue to use him for all future financing needs. Myself being a real estate agent understands the importance of a reliable mortgage broker. Nate helps to make the process as seamless and easy as possible. He continues to go out of his way to ensure we not only get the best rates and lowest fee's but that we understand the process from start to finish. I haven't done a deal with Nate that hasn't closed earlier than expected! I refer family and friends to Nate and will continue to do so!"

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"Nathan went above and beyond what was expected in every way. Being self-employed made the process of getting a loan very difficult... but he made it simple, and easy, and did all the grunt work figuring out everything we needed to do in order to get it completed and, more importantly, done on time. We simply would not have gotten our home if it wasn't for Nathan."

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Great helper

"Nathan responses really quick. He gets things done very quickly. Very professionals and patient. He’s very nice to work with. I recommend him to those who needs help to buy a home."

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Very professional! Responds quickly to call and text messages.

Nathan was able to get our loan approved after being turned down by two other mortgage companies..highly recommended. Communications was a breeze, Home Sure Lending always quickly replied with a text, email or phone call. You will not regret using Home Sure Lending and Nathan."

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Very Satisfied

"Nathan Kunst and the team at HomeSure Lending did an excellent job! I’m a first time homeowner, single mom and run just opened up a new business. The time, patience and effort making this purchase a success was most impressive. I have complete confidence that they handled everything with integrity, using the time given most effectively. If you are looking for someone you can trust, who will work hard for the best possible outcome, I would choose Nathan Kunst at HomeSure Lending."

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lender for the people

"Nathan was amazing! Made the process very easy and even came to our closing to make sure everything went smoothly. Definitely will use and recommend him again and again in he future."

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"Nathan and his team were very helpful and made my home buying experience great. Everyone was helpful and very informative. I would defiantly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home."

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Nathan Is Literally The Best In The Business.

"Nate is the real deal. Thanks Nate for helping Elizabeth and I with this mortgage. Tried the top firms for 3 years and couldn’t get approved for a rental property before because of our income, lots of time we’d get pre approved and it was a hoax and waste of time where we’d never get approved after all was said and done but Nate is a straight shooter and will be there hand and foot! Always able to talk and fight on your behalf to move the process smooth and fast. If your looking for a personable, trustworthy and speedy Mortgage individual - look no further!"

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Great Experience

"Whether or not Nathan and his team saved me money (which they did) I would suggest working with them based on how easy they made the process. As a first time home buyer, I could ask any question and get quick and helpful responses. Great to work with and would recommend to my family and closest friends!"

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Saved us $50,000!

"Nathan did an incredible job saving us $50,000 in interest, got us a 5 year shorter loan and we paid almost the exact amount! It was a pleasure working with Nathan and we would recommend him to anyone!"

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Professional & DedicateD

"Nathen was always very responsive and knowledgeable. He goes to the extra mile for his clients and makes sure that they are informed throughout the entire loan process. I highly recommend using Nathan for your loan. I will definitely be sending my friends and family to him in the future."

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"Nathan worked very well with us for heinf 1st time home owners. He got us the best rate and found us a grant for our closing. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy a house."

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Great Customer Service

"As first-time homebuyers, my fiancé and I knew nothing about which mortgage company would be right for us. Initially we picked a different mortgage company, but it felt like they were doing whatever it took just to make the sale. Thankfully, then we met Nathan at an open house while on our home search. Although we did not pursue that house, Nathan and his team were a great find. He understood that committing to a mortgage was a big deal, so he never pressured us into signing anything without giving us plenty of time to review our options.

Like many first-time homebuyers, finding the perfect home at the right price was a daunting task within itself. Nathan made it so everything else was a breeze. He and his team took the time to make sure we understood everything about the mortgage process, and answered any of our questions along the way.

Other than all the money we saved on closing costs, I think the best part about working with Nathan was how well he communicated with us. We were never left in the dark of the process of our loan, so we never had to worry on if we would close on-time.

Overall, we were very pleased with the entire experience. We will most definitely use him again if we are in the market to refinance our current home, or purchase our next home."

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"EASY-FRIENDLY-FAST- SUPPORTIVE! Will DEFF. use again in the future :) and YOU should too. He was very informative and helpful with all our questions.

Thanks Nathan!


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As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions and was unaware of the process involved. Nathan and his team did a great job keeping me on track and explaining timelines. Would recommend them for any home buyer!

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Nathan was friendly and very helpful. He was quick to respond to questions. Loved working with him.

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Honest, quick, and seamless mortgage...what more could you ask for?! Nathan had my best interests in mind throughout the entire process. In a field where I did not know who to trust, Nathan has proved himself and more than earned my trust and all future business. Would recommend to my closest friends and family!

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Nate is the the greatest person to work with. Always answer all my questions. He is prompt in answering the calls and even returning messages when necessary. We absolutely recommend him.

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Nate was so easy to work with, friendly and personable, happy to answer any questions we had, and prompt with responses! He thoroughly explained several options for us and we recommend him highly.

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